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Low Cost Discounted Premium Life Insurance

We guarantee to offer you the cheapest way of arranging your term life insurance, whether you need the cover for family or mortgage protection.


Policies are arranged with insurers like Norwich Union and Legal & General. We take the lowest premium that we can find and then give up most of our commission to reduce the cost even further.


Even if you already have cover you can check to see if we could get you a lower monthly premium for the same level of cover.

Discounted Premium Critical Illness Cover

Most of us take out life insurance at some time in our lives in order to provide essential protection for our loved ones and family.


Critical illness insurance can provide that same kind of protection for us on the diagnosis of a serious illness rather than death.


If you use AISA to arrange your policy, not only will you be protecting yourself against the financial implications of such an illness, you'll also be benefiting from our premium discount offer.

Fund Manager Appointments and Changes

Well informed investors make careful decisions on which investment houses and funds they allow to manage their hard earned money.


Exceptionally well informed investors also like to know which individuals are involved, how long they've been there, where they came from and where they might be going next.


We scour the press to keep you informed on the latest moves and appointments.

Venture Capital Trusts

Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) investments can offer certain tax benefits if used appropriately.


It should be remembered though that the decision to invest in a VCT should not be made solely on the strength of its tax treatment. Many of the VCT's available, by their nature, carry a higher level of investment risk than other investment types.


If however you have already decided on a VCT investment as suitable for your purposes, you will find the details of issues raising funds here.

Reduce the cost of your life insurance.

The costs of life insurance and critical illness cover have generally fallen over the early part of 2006, with larger insurers like Norwich Union and Legal & General in particular reducing their rates.


If you have a policy that was taken out more than 12 months ago it may be possible to rebroke your existing cover but with a lower monthly premium.


Most people will take out life insurance and critical illness policies for terms of 10 to 25 years, so the difference in the total cost of the best and worst policies can be many hundreds, if not thousand of pounds over those sort of terms. If you compare the costs for car and household insurance on a yearly basis, why not at least get a quote for a policy that you may have for decades?


Request a quote based on current life insurance rates.